Moomin Number One-Three cotton scarves


Colorful 53x53cm scarf for children and adults, printed on soft cotton. The two patterns, based on Tove Jansson's original illustration, have been made in a total of five colors. The cotton scarf is comfortable on the skin and protects the neck or head from the sun in summer, but also protects the neck in colder weather. You can wrap the scarf around your head to keep your hair in place or tie the ponner with a beautiful "colored spot."

Lasessor is a Finnish family business and we have been specializing in accessories since the 1960s. Our outfits are the most popular in Finland. We want to produce our scarves responsibly and choose the factories that make them carefully. We strive to use sustainable and responsibly produced ecological and natural materials. There are various stages in the production of accessories that require precise craftsmanship, which gives each product a wonderfully unique and vibrant look.

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