Moomin Dangerous Midsummer Scarf


The first product of the renewed LASESSOR X MOOMIN collection was the release of a high-quality Moomin Dangerous Midsummer Scarf. The scarf has been woven with jacquard technology.

This square shaped, cotton-woven scarf is perfect for dressing, decorating, or even as a bed decoration for the little ones in the family. 

The illustration is from Tove Jansson's 1957 book "Dangerous Midsummer." 

- 120x120cm 

100% cotton, (jacquard woven) 

At Lasessor, we have been specialising in accessories since the 1960s. Our products are among the most popular and well-liked accessories in Finland. We strive to produce our scarves responsibly and carefully choose the factories we work with. As materials, we mainly use durable and responsibly produced natural materials. There are various production stages in the manufacturing process of our products which require precise craftsmanship. Thanks to our production experience and expertise, each LASESSOR scarf is a wonderfully unique and beautiful design piece.

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