Moomin Midsummer scarf


The size of the Moomin Midsummer scarf is 90x180cm and the material is soft 40% modal - 60% viscose. Modal and viscose are cellulose-based modified fibers. Cellulose is obtained from wood by cooking under high pressure and with the help of chemicals. Modal and viscose are cotton-like but softer materials. The Moomin Midsummer scarf is large, soft and thin. This scarf is comfortable to wear both as a shoulder scarf and around the neck.

The pattern is designed from Tove Jansson's original illustrations.

Our accessories are among the most popular in Finland. We want to produce our scarves responsibly and choose the factories that make them carefully. We strive to use sustainable and responsibly produced ecological and natural materials. There are different stages in the production of the products, which require precise craftsmanship, which gives each scarf a wonderfully unique and vibrant look.

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