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Life cycle

Our design team constantly pays attention to the life cycle of the products, that's why our products stand the test of time: When you're ready to give up your beloved Lasessor product, they will delight the next user as well. Sell, trade or Donate, either to a charity or to a loved one.

How do I recycle my Lasessor product?


Unrepairable: Umbrellas go to metal collection as they are.


Remove the fabric from the shadow and sew from it:

Bicycle saddle cover

Raincoat for the dog

A cat



Unrepairable: The durable bags can be taken to the disposable textile collection. Otherwise, they belong in mixed waste.


Reuse by sewing from the bag:

Bicycle saddle cover

Raincoat for the dog

Smaller bag



The reflectivity decreases as the reflector ages, so take care that the surface of your reflector is not scratched or otherwise damaged and replace the reflector with a new one if necessary

Unrepairable: Reflectors are sorted into mixed waste.

Tip: You can also reuse the metal parts of the reflector - You can use them for jewelry or to make a key chain, for example.


Soft products:

Unrepairable: Can be taken to a disposal textile collection. Please note that mouldy, dirty and wet textiles belong to mixed waste.

Tip: Our soft products can be sold or donated, for example to the Red Cross or the Recycling Centre.

Tip: Reuse by sewing a scarf:

tie, bow tie, hair donut

ecological reusable gift bag

cushion cover

Scarves can be used for gift wrapping according to the Japanese furoshiki tradition. Old fabric pieces can also be used for crafts!