Affordable Folding Moomin Umbrella - 8790M


The affordable collapsible umbrella model offers a compact and practical package at a competitive price.

The umbrella is carried by a wrist strap that easily slips around the wrist and stays in the hand even in more challenging conditions thanks to its rubber-coated ergonomic handle. The high-quality widened closure strap makes it also easier to close the umbrella.

Despite the competitive price, the quality of the umbrella has not been compromised and although the mechanism of our affordable umbrella has not been given a factory warranty on wind resistance, it withstands wind gusts better than ordinary umbrellas on average.

The compact and lightweight umbrella is easy to take anywhere and will probably serve you longer than you would have expected.

The shade has a 3-piece steel arm and its steel ribs are long-lasting.

Shadow length when folded: 22cm, diameter when opened: 90cm.

The fabric parts of the shade are made of high-quality 190T polyester ponge, which lasts in use.

Design From Finland
1 Vuoden takuu

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