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Reflective Moomin Textile Stickers 5

Sale price€9,90

Reflective Moomin Textile Stickers -extra security in the dark with Moomin illustrations

Lasessor's reflective Moomin Textile Stickers are designed in Finland to cheer up our dark evenings. With the help of Moomins, you can decorate your clothes and accessories with familiar characters and at the same time get the protection offered by the reflectivity in traffic. Reflective Moomin Textile Stickers provide additional safety for children and adults in a stylish and practical way.

The reflective Moomin textile sticker is simple and quick to attach, it sticks best to flat surfaces, for example boots, strollers, bikes and clothes. The sticker also works as a clothing patch - it can be used to patch small holes in textiles if necessary. When gluing the sticker, remember to press it properly into the textile for 1-2 minutes to ensure that the sticker stays on the product. When you glue the reflective Moomin textile sticker on a orthodox, even material, you can also wash the textile sticker in water at 30 degrees! 

Reflective Moomin Textile Stickers are made of durable and flexible polyester, so that they can delight their users for as long as possible. To increase visibility, the Moomins are printed on a highly reflective textile, which is well visible in traffic. Let the Moomins protect your way! 


Muumi heijastava tekstiilitarra Hattivatti A1
Reflective Moomin Textile Stickers 5 Sale price€9,90