Transparent Moomin Umbrella - 8773M


Follow the world and what’s going on around Lasessor’s transparent long umbrella shelters. A beautiful and elegant long transparent umbrella with a black body protects you from rain and unexpected collisions, making it easier to move around, especially in crowds.

An easy-to-open walking stick-like long transparent umbrella is convenient to use, and you won't miss other traffic around you. Enjoy watching the raindrops through the beautiful shade - they won’t let you wet.

The edge of the laser transparent long umbrella is available with either a stylish black hello or 3M's high-quality reflective tape to protect against the dangers of the dark. By choosing a transparent umbrella, you will be safer to move outdoors in the rain.

The body parts of the shade are made of steel and its handle is rubber coated. The shadow itself is made of transparent soft POE plastic.

The length of the shade is 85cm, the diameter when opened is 88cm

The shadows have a 1-year warranty and are products with the Design From Finland brand.

Design From Finland
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