Moomin Diving - Silk Handkerchief


Moomin Diving - silk handkerchief is 100% silk in size 32x32cm. A handkerchief can be worn with a tie in a festive outfit or alone when you want a more relaxed look. Perfectly suited for finishing the outfit for e.g. children's birthday parties. The pattern based on Tove Jansson's original characters was designed in Finland. The silk handkerchief is available in four colors.

Lassor has invested heavily in Finnish design, thanks to which the brand has been awarded the Design from Finland mark. The brand tells about the origin of unique Finnish design and emphasizes the importance of immaterial work in terms of success and employment in Finland.

Lassor is a Finnish family company that has been working with accessories since the 1960s. Lasessor's goal is to design durable accessories that are timeless in style and last a long time. There are various stages in the production of Tuts that require precise handwork, thanks to which each accessory gets a wonderfully individual and lively surface. Lasessor's accessories combine high-quality materials, classic models and seasonal trends. In addition to Finland, the products are sold in 15 different countries.

The Moomins are the characters in Tove Jansson's books and cartoons, whose popularity continues year after year. You can find a wide selection of Moomin products in our LasessorXMoom online store, e.g. accessories, duffle bags, umbrellas and reflectors. Moomin-themed products are suitable as a gift idea for both children and adults, and they will delight both the person and the recipient, whether it is a collector or someone who is enthusiastic about individual products.

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