Fully automatic folding moomin umbrella - 8772M


The fully automatic folding umbrella, which opens and closes at the touch of a button, offers the best comfort when moving in the rain.

By pressing the button, the fully automatic umbrella can also be closed with one hand, so that the other hand is released even when opening the doors.

The shadow easily travels with the elastic wrist strap that slides around the wrist and, thanks to its rubber-coated ergonomic handle, stays in the hand even in wetter conditions. The high-quality widened closure strap helps to close the folding umbrella, and the moist shadow can naturally be slipped into its protective bag that opens.

The wind-resistant mechanism of the shadow does not startle, even if the wind sometimes turns the ribs around the shadow; pressing the button closes the shadow again and the shadow ribs smoothly return to their original shape.

For those looking for the most user-friendly product, the high-quality and functional features and details of the Lasessor's fully automatic folding umbrella stand out and complete the best user experience.

The fabric parts of the shade are made of high-quality 190T polyester ponge, which withstands even tough use.

Shadow length when folded: 27cm, diameter when opened: 95cm.

The shadow is wind-resistant, has a 1-year warranty and is a product with the Design From Finland brand. 

Design From Finland
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