Moomin Adventure Woven Silk Tie


The Moomin characters created by Tove Jansson have been woven into this silk tie. Using the jacquard technique, the characters have been created through intricate weaving patterns. The high-quality, thick and beautifully shimmering natural silk tie has been sown into shape by hand. The width and patterns of the tie are designed to withstand time and use. In this happy silk tie, the Moomin troll on adventure enlivens a classic striped tie.

The Moomin silk tie is 8cm wide and 150cm long. The tie has a double lining. The outer layer of the tie is thin and smooth while the inner layer of the lining holds the the thickness of the tie is upright through its sickness.

In addition to family and children's events, the Moomin silk tie is perfect for both parties and international gatherings. The Moomin tie is also a fun gift for male relatives and foreign acquaintances. With this tie, you stand out from the crowd and have fun conversations.

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