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Terms of delivery

Delivery time

All orders arriving at the Lasessor X online store are processed as quickly as possible. Delivery leaves our warehouse in 1-3 business days from the order. Our warehouse is located next to our office in Finland, so the products can be delivered right away. When the order has been processed and is about to leave, the customer will receive an order/delivery confirmation in their e-mail. It is worth checking that the e-mail address in the contact information is written correctly. The order or its cancellation is always confirmed to the customer in writing by e-mail.


Postage costs

Lasessor X delivers the products via Posti. Our Finnish customers receive delivery to the nearest post office or home as a letter (if the order fits in an envelope). The delivery method depends on the customer's choice.

You can also choose an address other than the one in the customer's contact information as the delivery address. You should remember to check this point when placing the order, under "other delivery address". For example, a product intended as a gift can be delivered directly to its recipient.

Depending on the products you order and the delivery method, the delivery price is €3.90 - €9.90. In certain situations, you can also get free shipping.


Shipment tracking

The tracking number of the shipment will be announced in connection with the delivery confirmation. Please note, however, that there are no tracking codes for letter shipments.

After the shipment has arrived, Posti sends the customer an arrival notification via text message and email, with which the package can be picked up. You can follow the package's progress using the shipment ID on Posti's website at: (on the home page under Track the shipment).  Posti returns unclaimed shipments to Lasessor. Lasessor X stores unclaimed shipments for 2 months at its premises at Fashion Center, Härkahaantie 14, Vantaa. Mailings cannot be tracked.