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Work community

Fashion Center - Lasessor's eco home

Ecology is also taken into account in our own workplace. All the functions of our company (design, production planning, warehouses, showroom) are under one roof: along the excellent public transport connections in Vantaa, in the Fashion Center, where fashion is concentrated. The Fashion Center building was completed in 2017, and efforts have been made to minimize its environmental impact by e.g. with a green roof, using environmentally friendly geothermal heat and modern rainwater absorption and waste collection systems.



In our office, we try our best to use all the materials that arrive to us, and we also donate them forward if possible. For example, textile scraps have been taken to schools, where children can use them for crafts.

Creating Jobs in Finland

Thanks to its long history, Lasessor has solid experience as an employer in the industry. We employ professionals in our field in our company, and indirectly through our products, the effect of our work can be seen in hundreds of stores all over Finland. Our long-term customer relationships are indeed at the center of Lasessor. We want to meet, even exceed, the expectations of both our business and consumer customers, thereby strengthening Finnish employment and the national economy.


In unity there is strength!