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Reflective Moomin stickers

Sale price€9,90

Lasessor reflective Moomin stickers for the whole family!

Laessor's reflective Moomin stickers with a happy story cheer you up and bring additional safety in traffic. Reflective Moomin Stickers are easy to attach to, for example, strollers, backpacks, boots, bicycle helmets or school supplies. The light reflective Moomin stickers also look good on the phone's protective case. Reflective Moomin Stickers allow you to create many kinds of stories about Moomin characters and they are a perfect gift idea for both big and small kids!

Reflective Moomin Stickers are made to bring extra security by placing illustrations of happy Moomin characters inside a high-quality 3M Scotchlite™ reflective plastic film that reflects light back to its target. The Moomins are slightly hidden under the film so that the entire surface can reflect and bring as much additional safety as possible in traffic.


Muumi heijastava tarra Muumimamma A1
Reflective Moomin stickers Sale price€9,90