Moomin Reflective Stickers


Secure in style 
The cheerfully storytelling Moomin stickers reflecting Lasessor delight and bring extra security in traffic. You can use them in a stroller, backpack, boots, cycling helmet or school supplies, for example. The nimble Moomin sticker also fits in the mobile phone case. The colorful Moomin reflective stickers make it possible to create a wide variety of Moomin worlds, they are perfect especially for little tuners and are also perfect as a gift! The products are delivered in a stylish gift box with sealing stickers inside - more gift boxes available from our store if desired. 

The reflective Moomin stickers are made by placing happy Moomin figures and their partners inside a high-quality 3M Scotchlite ™ reflective plastic film. The membrane reflects light back to its target and thus acts like a reflector. The characters in the pictures are not always fully visible from below in all directions under the protective film, but correspondingly, the entire surface of the reflective label always reflects light back. Let the Moomin reflective stickers shine in the dark and keep your loved one safe!  

  • Material: Waterproof 3M® Scotchlite ™ pvc plastic 
  • Sheet size: 7.8x12cm, contains 10 adhesive 3M® Scotchlite ™ reflective stickers 
  • Moomin reflective stickers are official Design From Finland products 


Moomin Reflective Sticker Use / Installation Instructions:  


  • Make sure the surface on which the product is installed is clean, dry, and level. 
  • to keep the sticker, the surface to be installed must not be wet, greasy, dirty or uneven  
  • Remove the sticker from the sheet and place it evenly on the surface to be glued 
  • glue the sticker so that no air bubbles remain under it 
  • Press / hold the label evenly, pressing in place for 1-2 minutes to ensure the label sticks / glue stays  



  • do not iron the stickers, they are not designed to be ironed 
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