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Tote bag

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High-quality and convenient reusable bag

Image of Eco-bag functions: Spacious, pocket size, strong, waterproof, easy to carry and washable in 30 degrees celsius

Normal canvas bags are cumbersome, they fall off the shoulder and they are not roomy enough. They can also be troublesome to carry around when they are empty.

Plastic bags again consume our environment, are impractical, and in the end also expensive! Plastic bags also often tear on the way, and take up space in the cupboard at home.

Because of this, shopping bags made of plastic are becoming extinct. 

The new innovative durable bag makes your everyday life easy and stylish.

Lasessor's new durable bag is convenient to carry, as it folds up easily. The durable bag has a pocket sewn inside, into which the bag folds into a pocket-sized carry-on bag. You can easily carry it in your pocket when you go to the store.

The straps of the durable bag are optimized to be just the right size. It is comfortable to carry on the shoulder, and it does not drag on the ground when you carry it in your hand.

Our durable bag carries up to 20 kilos, and holds 30 liters! The bag is water-resistant and also washable.

You can choose a bag with a pattern that suits you. Fresh and rich colors make your bag stand out from the crowd. You can carry a stylish panther-patterned bag with you or, for example, a classic black one. A total of fourteen different options available!

The possibilities of using the durable bag are limitless. Take the bag with you to the beach, shopping, picnic, boat trip or even to the cabin and be surprised!

We promise you that there is no similar bag. Order yours and make your life easier, more stylish and see the expressions on your friends' faces the next time you carry a Lasessor durable bag with you!

Kestokassi - Lasessor
Tote bag Sale price€11,90