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Men's umbrella with hook handle - 8780

Sale price€28,90

A men's umbrella with a hook handle that opens and closes conveniently at the push of a button

The best comfort when moving in the rain.

By pressing a button, this stylish men's umbrella can also be closed with one hand, leaving the other hand free to open the doors, for example. Thanks to its rubber-coated, ergonomic hook handle, the shadow stays well in the hand even in the most challenging weather.

A high-quality widened closing band helps to close the umbrella. The shade's wind-resistant mechanism does not flinch, even if the wind sometimes turns the shade's legs around; by pressing the button, the shade closes again and the slats smoothly turn back to their original shape.

For those looking for the most user-friendly product, the high-quality features and details of Lasessor's fully automatic folding umbrella with hook handle for men stand out and complete the best user experience.



Lasessorrain-Miesten sateenvarjo koukkukahvalla - 8780-Musta-Sivusta
Men's umbrella with hook handle - 8780 Sale price€28,90