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Moomin Automatic Long Umbrella - 8774M

Sale price€39,90

Lasessor's easy-to-open, walking stick-like automatic long umbrella is the perfect choice when you're looking for a traditional long umbrella to protect you from the rain.

The strong and at the same time light aluminum handle and beautiful aluminum knob last a long time. The sturdy aluminum arm and all-glass fiber mechanism of Lasessor's long automatic button-opening umbrella can withstand even the strongest winds.

The sunken reed mechanism of the shade is one of the most wind-resistant on the market, the reeds tolerate wind tearing and turning over even in stronger winds.

A high-quality widened closing band helps to close the long umbrella.

Lasessor's long automatic umbrella is a classic and stylish option when you want a high-quality and durable umbrella that stands out from the crowd. The umbrella is available in a single color or pattern. 


Color:Green Moomin's Dangerous Journey
Lasessorrain-Automaattinen pitkä sateenvarjo - 8774-Vihreä Muumi vaarallinen matka-Sivusta
Moomin Automatic Long Umbrella - 8774M Sale price€39,90