Moomin reflector, 3-piece design jewelry


Tove Jansson's beloved Moomin characters are on adventures in Lasessor's Moomin reflector range.

The image of the Moomin figure is printed inside the reflective film, where it does not prevent the light from being reflected back. The metal chain, key chain and hook are silver in color. The Moomin reflector is easy to attach to, for example, a handbag, backpack or keys to improve visibility. It is safe to move with the reflector and it helps to avoid sudden dangerous situations.

Little My Moomin reflector

Little My is a small but spicy friend of the Moomin family. Beloved Little My is the favourite character of many people from the Moomin Valley stories, because of her fearless and brave nature.

Hattifnattar's Moomin reflector

Hattifnattars are spongy, small white creatures that live in Moomin Valley in large herds. In a thunderstorm, the Hattifnattars become cracklingly electric. The Moomins first encountered the Hattifnattars in the book Moomin and the Great Flood.

Thingumy and Bob Moomin reflector

Thingumy and Bob are a small and curious duo who like to hide in tight places. In the book The Magician's Hat, Thingumy and Bob take Moominmama's handbag to sleep in its pockets.

This is how to use the Moomin reflector correctly

Lasessor's Moomin reflectors come with a convenient hanging chain and a separate durable metal lock, thanks to which the reflector is easy to attach securely. The hanging Moomin reflector is attached at knee height. A motorist can best notice a reflector attached to the side facing the road. We recommend that you attach the Moomin reflector so that it can swing freely and can be seen both in front, behind and to the side to maximize safety.

Lasessor's jewelry reflectors are designed in Finland and made of 3M™ Scotchlite™ High Gloss reflective material.This high-quality plastic base of the product is commonly used in safety clothing. The material is durable, waterproof, and the reflector does not break easily.

Moomin-themed products are suitable as a gift idea for both children and adults and they will delight both you and the recipient, whether it is a collector or someone who is enthusiastic about individual products. If you wish, the reflector gift can be sent in the gift package to the address of your choice with a personal greeting. Gift delivery can be selected separately as a product on the website of the online store.

The Moomins are the characters in Tove Jansson's books and cartoons, whose popularity continues year after year. You can find a wide selection of Moomin products in our LasessorXMoomin online store, e.g. accessories, duffle bags, umbrellas and reflectors. Get to know our selection and find your own favourite Moomin characters in our products!


  • quality pedestrian reflector
  • certified (SGS Fimco 0598) in accordance with the EU regulation on personal protective equipment (EU2016//425) type B2 type-approved personal protective equipment meeting safety equipment standards (EN17353:2020)
  • material: durable 3M® Scotchlite™ High Gloss pvc plastic
  • The Moomin reflector reflects light very effectively
  • The size of the Moomin reflector is approx. 5cm x 12cm
  • the product has a handy metal lock for easy attachment of the Moomin reflector
  • a long metal hanging chain allows the Moomin reflector to be attached to a thicker object, e.g. a bag strap
  • using the metal lock and chain, the Moomin reflector can be hung freely at a distance of 5-15 cm (recommended)
  • several ways of use, e.g. in clothes, bags, backpacks, means of transport

Also check out our wide selection of jewelry reflectors in the Lassessor Shine online store!

Moomin jewelry reflectors are official Design From Finland products.

Licensed ©Moomin Characters™


  • use the Moomin reflector in low light and dark
  • the Moomin reflector hanging freely at knee height on both sides is best seen
  • replace the damaged Moomin reflector with a new one as soon as possible
  • reflector is a visual personal protective equipment that pedestrians must use according to Finnish law when moving outside in the dark


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