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Moomin reflector harness

Sale price€19,90

The long-awaited practical and high-quality Lasessor Moomin reflector harnesses have finally arrived in our selection!

Versatile adjustable and elastic Moomin-themed reflective harnesses are available in two sizes that cover the whole family from the smallest to an adult.

Lasessor Moomin reflector harnesses are safe, high-quality and certified EN13356 type-approved official safety products, and they are designed for daily use when going out in poor visibility or in the dark.

With Moomin reflective harnesses, you maximize your safety. The width of the reflective tape of the reflector harnesses visible in all directions has been optimized to be as wide as possible. The larger reflective surface increases your visibility while moving. The higher quality reflective material used in Moomin reflective harnesses also reflects light +80% more effectively than similar reflective harnesses commonly sold on the market. With the Moomin reflective harness, you can move outside more safely!

The Moomin reflective harness has a handy zippered additional pocket for small items; you can safely fit a travel card, means of payment and, for example, house keys in the pocket. 

Moomin reflective harnesses are suitable for both the smallest and the largest in the family

The smaller model (XXXS-S) intended for children and those of smaller stature can be adjusted with the versatile adjustments of the reflector harness to suit a user up to 90 cm tall and correspondingly can be grown to the right size for a person up to 160 cm tall.

Intended for older children and adults, the versatile adjustable reflector harness size (XS-XXL) is suitable for users between 135-205cm.

The light reflector harness is convenient and quick to put on over normal clothing - going out with the whole family with the Moomin reflector harness is now safer than ever!

The Moomin reflective harness is an easy-to-use accessory for cyclists, runners, walkers and anyone who wants to be seen outdoors in the dark. The new Moomin reflective harnesses are designed in Finland and seamlessly combine practicality, style and safety. Inspired by Tove Jansson's popular Moomin characters, Moomin, Niiskuneiti and Pikkumy appear in Moomin reflective harnesses.

Moomin reflective harnesses are official Design From Finland products.


Size Age User height
XXXS-S 2+ 90-160cm
XS-XXL 10+ 135-205cm


Muumi heijastinvaljaat 135-205cm A2
Moomin reflector harness Sale price€19,90