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Moomin glow sticker

Sale price€9,90

New cheerfully glow-in-the-dark Moomin glow stickers now available!

Find your favorite Moomin character in the handy and cheerfully glowing Moomin stickers!

Glow in the dark for up to 4-6 hours, after only 15-30 minutes of charging!

Moomin glow stickers are made of water-resistant adhesive plastic coated with a phosphorescent substance, which charges in the light and glows in the dark independently - this is where the name glow sticker comes from.

The Moomin glow stickers are sized so that they fit perfectly, for example, on a phone (also in a popsocket), a pencil case, a book, a notebook, sports equipment - anything you want to glow in the dark! The Moomin glow sticker can be used to brighten up or style anything that you want to stand out even in the dark - it helps objects to be found, for example, in a backpack or a bag or, for example, on a bedside table. And, of course, the Moomin glitter sticker makes you happy with the lovely Moomin characters even in daylight! 

The glitter stickers feature many different Moomin characters - you can find Little Moomin, Moomin, Nipsu, Snuff, Niiskuneid, Hattivats, Smelly as well as Mörön in four different sticker sets - collect all the beloved characters of Moomin Valley to sparkle around you!


Design:Little My
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Moomin glow sticker Sale price€9,90