Muumin Durable Bags


The Moomins have finally gotten to star in our highly coveted durable bags!

Normal canvas bags are awkward, fall off the shoulder, and aren’t spacious enough. They also mostly lack Moomin Valley characters ...

Plastic bags consume our environment, are impractical, and ultimately expensive! Because of this, plastic shopping bags are going extinct. 

The new innovative durable bag makes your daily life easy and stylish.

Beat your friend with this pocket-sized, waterproof and good-looking multi-purpose bag!

The possibilities for using a durable bag are limitless. Bring your bag to the beach, shopping, picnic, boat trip or even to the cottage and be surprised!

Laser bag is 1.5 times more spacious than a traditional commercial plastic bag. Thanks to the integrated protective bag you also get a durable bag conveniently in your pocket or bag.

The bag withstands a load of 20 kg and stays effortlessly on your shoulder thanks to its ergonomic design. The bag is durable, washable and reusable.

We promise you that there is no corresponding bag. Order yours and make your life easier, more stylish and see your friends' expressions the next time you carry a Lasessor Moomin Durable Bag!

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