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Moomin jewelry reflector, 2-piece

Sale price€14,90

The adventures of the beloved Moomin characters depicted in 2-piece jewelry reflectors

Increase your visibility in traffic in style with Moomin reflectors! Easily attach the Moomin jewelry reflector to, for example, a handbag or jacket. The Moomin figure is conveniently printed inside the reflector film so that the entire surface of the reflector can reflect light. 

All Lasessor's jewelry reflectors are designed and manufactured in Finland 3M™ Scotchlite™ High Gloss reflective material. This high-quality plastic-based product is commonly used in safety clothing, and it ensures that the product is waterproof, durable and does not break easily. The metal chain, key chain and hook of the Moomin jewelry reflector are classically silver-colored. Different characters have adventures in different jewelry reflectors - find your favorite!

Please also read the instructions on this page to ensure the safe use of the Moomin reflector and your visibility in traffic!

Little My Moomin reflector 

Little Myy is a small but spicy friend of the Moomin family. Beloved Little Myy is the favorite character of many from the Moomin Valley stories, because of his fearless and brave nature. 

Moomintroll reflector 

Moomin is a good-natured and much-loved character of Moomin Valley. Moomin is also the main character of Moomin who lives in Moomin Valley together with Moominpapa and Moominamma.

Moomin jewelry reflectors are official Design From Finland products.

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Moomin jewelry reflector, 2-piece Sale price€14,90