Moomin gift delivery (including delivery, gift packaging and personalized greeting card, does not include the product)


A pleasant Moomin-themed gift sent to the mailbox with a personal greeting!

Lasessor gift sending is an easy way to give a practical and beautiful gift to your loved ones, to those you want to remember, thank or make happy.

Send a gift, both at home and abroad. We take care of the packing and sending for you - the gift shipment is delivered as a letter delivery to the mailbox or even delivered personally to the recipient by courier.

We add a greeting card to the gift delivery, on the other side of which you can add your own personal greeting or alternatively we write a ready-made greeting text on the card.


NOTE! Please remember to add the product(s) you want separately to your gift shipment when ordering!


Proceed as follows if you want your order to be sent as a Moomin gift:

1) Add the gift shipment to your shopping cart. In the shopping cart, go to the order additional information field (see below)

Fill in your personalized message to add to the card. If you don't fill in the order's additional information text field, we will add the text: "Happy Moomin greetings" and the your first name to the greeting.

2)Choose the product you want as a gift and add it to the shopping cart.

3) Add the gift recipient's address as the delivery address (later you can fill in your own address during payment). When you have filled in your own information regarding the email address and phone number, you will receive the order confirmation, the delivery confirmation and later any other messages related to the delivery. No order slips are delivered with the gift shipment, only the product in a gift box with cards. After ordering, we will forward your gift within 1-2 business days.

Please note that in order for the packages to arrive on time, you should choose a fast enough delivery method and place the order in time. We usually send out the products no later than the next business day after the order, which the post delivers within 2-5 business days. In the shopping cart stage, in the delivery methods of the order, courier shipments can be selected separately, which are delivered faster - their delivery times are visible when selecting the delivery.

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