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Small umbrella - 8779

Sale price€24,90

Handy and high-quality pocket-sized small umbrella

Easy to carry everywhere.

Lasessor's small umbrella can be opened manually by hand, and the collapsible umbrella is easy to carry around in, for example, a jacket pocket, bag or bag. The small umbrella is available in a single color or pattern. Thanks to its rubber-coated handle, the shade stays well in the hand. The high-quality widened closure strip makes it easier to manually close the foldable umbrella in the protective bag. 

Lasessor's small umbrella is windproof; the shadow regains its original shape, if it has not been a stronger gust of wind. The lighter aluminum frame and frame cannot withstand stronger winds, and the smaller surface area of ​​the umbrella does not protect as well in gusty winds, so it is not advisable to go out with a smaller umbrella in stormy weather.

For more challenging weather, we recommend larger and stronger shades from our collection. If you are looking for the smallest possible umbrella to take with you everywhere and want to protect yourself from rain showers, this is your best choice.


Lasessorrain-Pieni sateenvarjo - 8779-Valkoinen-Sivusta
Small umbrella - 8779 Sale price€24,90